September 10, 2020

059: Managing our stress response, reducing inflammation, and tips for longevity with Dr. Jannine Krause and More…

In today’s digest we bring you articles on 059: Managing our stress response, reducing inflammation, and tips for longevity with Dr. Jannine Krause, Dramatically Increase Flexibility and Mobility With This 6 Minute Warmup, Leucine: a nutrient ‘trigger’ for muscle anabolism and Dr. Belisa Vranich: Breathing For Warriors. Hope you enjoy them…

059: Managing our stress response, reducing inflammation, and tips for longevity with Dr. Jannine Krause

Audio is not supported in your browser Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your kind words about Bella. I’ve spent the week just taking time to sit in the sadness and heal a bit, and your kind words have helped to carry me through this difficult time. I’ve got a new episode of the […]

059: Managing our stress response, reducing inflammation, and tips for longevity with Dr. Jannine Krause was originally published at LINK

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Dramatically Increase Flexibility and Mobility With This 6 Minute Warmup

My biggest weakness is lack of flexibility. I just can’t get myself to take the time to stretch. In fact, I hate stretching. About 3 months ago, Dan Go contacted me about a way to increase flexibility, improve posture, and increase exercise performance…by doing a simple 6 minute warm-up. He saw a HUGE gap in […]

My biggest weakness is lack of flexibility. I just can’t get myself to take the time to stretch. In fact, I hate stretching.

About 3 months ago, Dan Go contacted me about a way to increase flexibility, improve posture, and increase exercise performance…by doing a simple 6 minute warm-up. He saw a HUGE gap in the fitness industry and has come up with a methodology that gets results fast, even for stubborn non-stretchers like myself.

Dan runs a gym in Toronto, Canada and has perfected a way for all of his gym members to increase flexibility each and every workout…while prepping their muscles to lift heavier weights…all while reducing the chance of injury.

Dan Sent Me a Blue Lacrosse Ball in the Mail

A few months back Dan emailed me and told me to expect a small package (insert “that’s what she said” joke) in the mail. It was a blue lacrosse ball and a short note with a handwritten URL scribbled on it.


I went to my computer and typed in the URL and it led me to a video of Dan explaining the need for a better method to quickly increase flexibility without traditional stretching.

He explained and demonstrated this method in the video and I followed along with the lacrosse ball. After just one session I noticed a dramatic difference in both posture, range of motion, and how smoothly my joints felt when lifting weights. Instead of trying to explain it second hand, I’d rather have you get this info directly from the source.

The Perfect Warmup for Peak Performance
-by Dan Go

Today I’m going to talk to you about a perfect pre workout booster that MUST become a staple in your workouts.

BUT before I do that…I have one question to ask you:

Would you trade 6 MINUTES of your time to reverse the effects of aging and increase every marker (strength, speed, power, endurance and energy) of your body’s performance…

…while healing old injuries and making your body completely impervious to new ones?

If you just nodded “YES” then please keep reading.

Our society is very strange. In their quest to “look great naked” people will often go to great lengths and do whatever it takes to achieve their goal of having an awesome looking body.

But what they don’t realize is that while they are taking one step forward in looking great…they are usually doing things that keep them two steps BACK in terms of feeling great.

It’s like driving around for years in a souped up Lamborghini Gallardo, yet never ever taking the time to give it an oil change.

Eventually, that fantastic beast of a car will break down.

And this is EXACTLY what is happening with people in the gym today.

While they are driving around in their body’s they are usually held back by some sort of dysfunction that is keeping them in some sort of pain and hindering the results they could get from their workouts.

The TRUTH is that there is very a high chance that you are probably walking around with some sort of dysfunction in your body be it in your shoulder, knees or lower back.

And quite honestly…it’s NOT your fault.

Because while the mainstream fitness media teaches us how to look great they don’t do such a great job at teaching us how to PERFORM great.

That is why we are here today.

Today I’m going to show you an exact pre-workout sequence you can do right before your workouts that will enhance your strength, speed, power, flexibility, endurance and energy while healing your old injuries and protecting you from new ones.

This pre-workout sequence also has one very IMPORTANT function as well: To reverse your age related movement problems and have you operating at your physical best no matter what your age…

…all in under 6 minutes flat.

It’s called the Peak Performance Formula.

It’s an exact, science proven formula that will ultimately allow your body to work at it’s fullest potential every single day regardless if it is doing something menial like picking up a box or doing something intense like one of Rusty’s Visual Impact workouts at the gym.

It is the key to unlocking that potential reservoir of athleticism that you so richly deserve and the best part about it is: It only takes 6 minutes to complete.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence” – Confucius

So take out your notebook and a pen of paper because no matter where you are starting from, we are about show you how to reach your bodies ultimate physical potential in the time it takes to brush your teeth in the morning.

Peak Performance Formula Step 1 – Get Your Self Myofascial Release On!

The is the first step of the Peak Performance Formula and one of the most important steps to do before your workouts.

In fact, many of the clients in my Transformation Center have called this a life changer.

What you don’t know right now is that a lot of those nagging pains in your body and the overall feeling of being “old” has NOTHING to do with age at all.

What it all comes down to is the quality of your Fascial Tissue.

What is Your Fascia?

Fascia (Pronounced as Fah-Sha) is an embryologic tissue which re-organizes long the lines of tension imposed on your body, adding support to any misalignment and contracting to protect you from further trauma (real or imagined).

To get a better idea of Fascia picture in your mind a sword.

Fascia is the sheath that goes OVER the sword (your muscle) to act as a protectant.
Fascia is your sheath protecting and covering EVERY single muscle on your body.

It has been estimated by researchers that if every structure of the body EXCEPT the fascia was removed, the body would STILL retain its shape.

Knowing this kinda gives you a better idea of how important its function is. Fascia covers the muscles, bones, nerves, organs and vessels right down to the cellular level.


One study has found that pain felt in specific areas of the body can be frequently related back to having actual adhesions in the fascial tissue. (Schleip R et al. ligament subfailure injuries lead to muscle control dysfunction” (M. Panjabi). European Spine Journal 2007; 16: 1733-1735)


You fascial tissue gets negatively affected by long periods of sitting (hello 9-5 job) and bad posture. Your fascial tissue gets even worse when you decide to do intense workouts ON TOP of your already dysfunctional muscle tissue.

Strains in your fascial tissue caused by the problems stated above will slowly tighten your body causing it to lose it’s overall physical capacity to perform under any stress and its one of the main causes of age related pain and dysfunction.

Why Do Self Myofascial Release?

The most effective way of improving the quality of your fascial tissue is through massage aka. Self Myofascial release (SMR)

Most people think that the only way to get a massage is by paying $75/session to your local massage therapist but what we recommend something a lot cheaper and 10x more effective.

SMR is the most potent way of locating your fascial restrictions, changing your posture and effectively improving the way your bodies biomechanical movement.

By implementing the SMR routine prescribed in this program you will not only enhance your bodies ability to move, but you’ll also increase it’s own propriorception or it’s awareness of itself.

Think of Self Myofascial Release as putting a BRAND NEW engine in your body’s chassis.

Or if you’re like me, think of the effect of doing Self Myofascial Release is like going from a driving a Toyota Corolla to tearing down the roads in that brand new Lamborghini.

Self Myofascial Release helps remove the “vice grip-like” pressure caused by restrictive fascia, eliminating symptoms such as stiffness, pain and spasms.

After several weeks of practicing SMR your body will learn new and incredibly improved freedom of movement that you haven’t experienced since you were a teenager.

While SMR is usually performed with a foam roller I’ve found something much more effective and chances you are probably have it lying around somewhere in your house.

Check out the video on how to apply an effective system of SMR into your workouts to reverse your age and replace that old body with a brand NEW athletic engine.

Peak Performance Principle #2 – Turn ON Your Body with Neuromuscular Activators

When warming up our bodies we use a little known but very effective method called Neuromuscular Activation.

What’s a Neuromuscular Activator aka. NMA’s?

NMA’s are exercises that only require your own bodyweight and they are used to wake up your entire nervous system.

Most secondhand warm up routines involve cardio machines such as the treadmill, stair stepper or stationary bicycle. These only address one part of the body, which is usually the lower body.

Neuromuscular activators are full body exercises that simultaneously warm you up while waking up your nervous system for the workout ahead.

Think of this approach like taking a shot of espresso but for your body.

Neuromuscular Activators Also Improve the Elasticity of Your Muscles

When you do an NMA you are essentially releasing synovial fluid into your joints.

Courtesy of Wikipedia: Synovial fluid is a viscous fluid found in the cavities of synovial joints. With its yolk-like consistency, the principle role of synovial fluid is to reduce friction between the articular cartilage of synovial joints during movement.

In short: Synovial fluid is like putting oil in your joints to help them move better for any type of physical activity and they also have a great effect on detoxifying your body.

All of these benefits lead to giving an entire jolt to your nervous system and priming your body for the physical activity that lies ahead.

The combination increased heart rate, full body movement, transport of various fluids and mental preparedness all contribute to that “espresso” like quality of waking up your body.

Peak Performance Principle #3 – Activate and Get Your Full Range of Motion with Dynamic Mobility Exercises

Dynamic Mobility Exercises are a form of stretching utilizing momentum from form, static-active stretching strength and the momentum from static-active stretching strength, in an effort to propel the muscle into an extended range of motion not exceeding one’s static-passive stretching ability.

In other words: Dynamic Mobility Exercises replace boring useless static stretches and utilizes short burst stretches to increase your muscles range of motion and activate your body’s true athletic potential.

Dynamic Mobility Exercises exercises are known as the “Anti-Aging” workout.

Now, this is not to say that doing them will make you look younger.

By anti-aging I mean that by doing them you’ll reverse the aging process of movement.

Years of corporate and family life will slowly inhibit your ability to move freely by creating poor posture.

The effect of movement aging is that soreness you feel after waking up or the pain in your shoulders when you work out. It’s that fear of injuring your lower back when bending down to pick up a heavy box

Dynamic Mobility Exercises reverses your aging process by effectively bringing your body back into balance with itself essentially giving it the exercises needed to heal itself and bring it back to its full physical potential.

Dynamic Mobility Exercises also do one other very important thing:

They make you become a supremely BETTER athlete.

Don’t believe me?

A study done by the US ARMY was performed 30 cadets in the US military who did 3 consecutive days of either mobility, static stretching, or no warm up and their effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) on their performance.

Tests were done on the shuttle run, underhand med ball throw and 5 step long jump.

Out of each of the modes of warming up with the dynamic mobility exercises helped the subjects perform BETTER on every test.

There were no increases from either the no warm up group or static stretching group.

The test proved CONCLUSIVELY that mobility drills before exercising enhanced every aspect of their athletic performance.

Another study conducted by the University of Wyoming and published in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research” June 2008 strongly supports the use of dynamic mobility exercises exercises before a workout.

They wanted to see whether introducing a dynamic mobility into a four week training program of 24 high level college athletes would have a positive impact on the following performance factors;

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Strength

The athletes were divided into two groups. One group used static stretching and the other group used mobility exercises before daily practice sessions. The groups were tested for four weeks and measures were taken before and after the training session.

So what did they find in both groups? The research showed that the static group found NO improvements and some decreases in the performance factors stated above.

Whilst the dynamic group showed some significant results to help performance.

This group showed improvements in Enhanced Muscular Strength, including increases of;

  • Leg strength by 11%
  • Throws by 4%
  • Push ups by 3%
  • Sit-ups by 11%
  • Endurance – time to complete a 700m run was faster by 2.4%
  • Agility – jump time increased by 4%
  • Anaerobic capacity – time for 300 shuttle test was faster by 2%

Just by employing one month of mobility exercises to their workout programs these subjects increased their strength by up to 11% and increased their speed by up to 2.4% !!

After only one month of applying mobility exercises to their bodies every marker of athletic performance improved.

Dynamic Mobility Exercises Just Make You Feel Really Good

There isn’t scientific evidence to support this fact but just trust me on this one.

There’s a specific feeling in knowing and feeling the freedom that comes with ability to just move better.

Your body just feels awesome 24/7 because you are operating your full potential of movement. You are also reversing the posture related effects of living the corporate life.

You are able to get up without pain, throw without pain, lift without pain and just live life at a higher level.

Once you apply the Dynamic Mobility Exercises exercises to your body you will start to feel a freedom of movement that you have not felt since high school.

As you can see, it’s ALL strategy and every single piece of the puzzle makes a huge difference and it takes ONLY 6 minutes to complete or just about the time you take to brush your teeth in the morning.

In a couple days we’ll be releasing a COMPLETE program designed to hack your body and turn it into a high performance machine in ONLY 6 minutes regardless of your age or experience level.

The program is called 6 Minute Superhuman and it is scientifically proven to increase your strength, speed, flexibility, vertical jump power, endurance and energy while bulletproofing your body from injuries forever.

Are you ready to experience just how fast your body can be enhanced when you unlock the power of the peak performance formula right before your workouts?

Dramatically Increase Flexibility and Mobility With This 6 Minute Warmup was originally published at LINK

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Leucine: a nutrient ‘trigger’ for muscle anabolism

If you want to build muscle effectively, simply eating protein won’t cut it. You need to know if your protein food contains the vital amino acids and especially leucine. Protein has a big part in packing on muscle mass, but sometimes it happens that people forget that they need leucine in their protein, which plays […]

If you want to build muscle effectively, simply eating protein won’t cut it. You need to know if your protein food contains the vital amino acids and especially leucine. Protein has a big part in packing on muscle mass, but sometimes it happens that people forget that they need leucine in their protein, which plays an important role in muscle building.

The more leucine you have in your bloodstream, the faster your muscles will be able to synthesize and repair the micro-tears after a resistance workout. Of course, consuming just leucine would be useless since you require all of the amino acids to repair the damaged muscles, but eating foods that have high leucine content in them will definitely help you on your way to building a muscular physique.


Leucine Can Turn on Your Anabolic Switch!

Protein is made up of amino acids, which can be divided into essential and non-essential. There are twenty different amino acids that the human body utilizes during its normal processes, and nine of those are essential. The difference between essential and non-essential amino acids is that the non-essentials can be created inside of your body, while the others can only be brought in through food.

Leucine is different than all of the other essential amino acids because of its ability to trigger the creation of muscle protein. In its foundation, this means that it acts as a starter for your anabolic period – if you get enough leucine in your body, it will automatically determine that it is ready for work and will begin building more and more muscle protein, repairing your damaged muscle tissue and building new tissue as well.

Note that you will need to go through a lot of resistance training for any of this to take place, but when you’re training with protein that has a lot of leucine in it, your body will be much more efficient at building muscle.

How Much Leucine Should You Eat?

Muscle protein synthesis is an anabolic response that occurs in response to protein feeding and resistance training. On the protein front, it specifically relates to leucine intake. To maximize the muscle protein synthesis response, around 3g of leucine is required. This is known as the “leucine threshold”.

However, this isn’t fixed – everyone requires a different amount of leucine, depending on their weight, age, etc. Average humans need 25 to 35 grams of protein per meal, out of which three grams should be leucine.

Here are four foods that you can use to eat more leucine:

1. Whey Protein. It has three grams of leucine for every 25 grams of protein, meaning it has more leucine than any other food which is high in protein. If you put a scoop of whey powder in your post-workout shake, your body will be packed into capacity with all the leucine it requires.

2. Bottom Round Cut of Beef. A four ounce serving of bottom round cut beef will have approximately 1.8 grams of leucine, but it will also be cheaper. I would suggest simmering it in liquid slowly, or marinade it. This will help you make it softer since it tends to be a bit tough, but it’s also very delicious!

3. Ricotta Cheese. Half a cup of it has about a gram and a half of leucine which can often be more than enough. If you google how ricotta is made, you will see that it’s made from liquid whey that didn’t get used in the process of creating cheese. Logically, this means that it has a lot of whey in it, and therefore a lot of leucine. However, you don’t have to make lasagna every time you need some – put it in dips, pancake batter and smoothies! Put it in a sandwich with some smoked fish and spices! Put it on a cracker, even! Everything you can imagine can come true with ricotta cheese.

4. Soy Nuts. With less than a gram of leucine per ounce (902mg to be more precise), this one ranks lowest on our list but it’s still decent! Also, soy nuts are delicious and you can grab them for a snack for any occasion. You can even put them in your yogurt, alongside more leucine!

Reference: Nutrition & Metabolism – The impact of protein quality on the promotion of resistance exercise-induced changes in muscle mass.

Leucine: a nutrient ‘trigger’ for muscle anabolism was originally published at LINK

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Dr. Belisa Vranich: Breathing For Warriors

[embedded content] “We experience so much tension every day and we make it worse by pushing it down but if we set aside just 5 minutes for a breathwork or meditation practice, we would all feel so much better. We would all be so much more tolerant, more flexible, and more loving.” – Dr. Belisa […]

“We experience so much tension every day and we make it worse by pushing it down but if we set aside just 5 minutes for a breathwork or meditation practice, we would all feel so much better. We would all be so much more tolerant, more flexible, and more loving.” – Dr. Belisa Vranich

Wellness Force Radio Episode 358

Discover the power in breathwork awareness as we explore its strong connection to our emotions, stress, and everyday wellbeing.

‘We experience so much tension every day and we keep pushing it down but we’d all feel so much better if we took 5 minutes for breathwork or meditation. We’d all be more tolerant, flexible, and loving.’ – @DrBelisaClick To Tweet

CURED Nutrition

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Cured Nutrition CBD OilIt’s taken me over a year to find the right hemp and CBD company to introduce to the Wellness Force Community and I could not be more thrilled that it’s CURED Nutrition!

CURED Nutrition is a movement inspired by nature and grounded in a shared desire to leave a lasting impression on you, our community, and this world. Together, they’re a collective of heart-centered human beings who are inviting you – the conscious creatives, dreamers, and healers – to join their family. Learn how CURED hemp and CBD products can enhance your daily wellness routine.

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They’re Colorado-based organically grown hemp products that have been engineered to transform your approach toward an elevated life. Tap into your inherent potential – your greatest mind-body alignment – and nourish it with the supplements you were designed to thrive on. A greater existence is waiting.

Listen To Episode 358 As Dr. Belisa Vranich Uncovers:

[1:30] What Is A Modern Warrior?

[16:00] Are You A Vertical Or Horizontal Breather?

  • 290 Dan Brulé
  • 249 Niraj Naik
  • 292 Pavel Stuchlik
  • How we’ve gotten to this point of breathing incorrectly and how she’s providing practical information to help people execute better breathing patterns.
  • Why fixing our breathing is a lot like fixing the bad posture that we have developed over time.
  • Breaking down what physical movements we shouldn’t be doing when we take a deep breath including moving the shoulders up and down.
  • Our body’s incredible anatomy when it comes to the lungs and especially the diaphragm.
  • The importance of breathing through our belly and using our diaphragm rather than from the pecks with forwarding flexion and rounded backs.
  • How rolling forward including our head’s posture will greatly affect our ability to inhale and expand then exhale and squeeze.
  • Unpacking the root causes for our inability to inhale and expand which from either muscular corsets or emotional corsets.

[26:00] The Power In Breathwork Awareness

  • The emotional connection to bracing and guarding our abs all day long as we suck in our stomachs.
  • How bracing your middle all day also negatively impacts your digestion and lower back as you can’t take a deep breath.
  • Breaking down Fight, Flight, or Freeze and why so many of us are in the freeze position all too often that we think it’s normal when it’s really not.
  • Bruce Lipton
  • The biology of emotions as they get trapped inside of our tissues causing us to brace and panic when there’s no actual threat.
  • How people can get clear on why they no longer have to be in a Fight, Flight, or Freeze zone when there’s no actual threat that will harm them.
  • The trance breath-led meditation that she teaches people that was developed decades ago by breathwork pioneers.
  • Stan Grof
  • The proper way to go about breath-led meditation with outside intention, help, and support that is often used in therapy.

[36:00] Letting Go Of Stress With Breath & Motion

  • What happens on both a biological and psychosomatic level during cathartic breathwork sessions.
  • The emotional release and wave of calmness, gratitude, and relief that people often feel after a breathwork session; very similar to a massage.
  • Why it’s not only okay but also important to take the time for yourself to do some self-care practices like breathwork to let go of everything that is happening around you.
  • Wim Hof
  • 086 Mark Divine 
  • Why it’s okay but also 100% necessary for everyone to get in touch with their emotions including crying along their wellness journey of life.
  • How breathwork can specifically benefit people who have extremely stressful jobs.
  • What positive impact repetitive motion like jumping on a trampoline can do to help us release stress.

[45:30] ‘If I Can Breathe, I Can Choose’

  • The severe anxiety that Josh has been through even during the launch of the Wellness Force podcast.
  • What breathwork has done for Dr. Belisa emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.
  • How the breath gives us the ability to choose and take control of our lives.
  • The transformational wellness journey people go on when they realize that they cannot breathe.
  • Unpacking the incredible health transformations she has witnessed in people from healing digestion problems to lower back pain once they began to breathe properly again. 
  • Dr. Belisa on Cesar 911
  • Exploring cognitive fatigue and how it happens if we’re not breathing well and have poor posture.
  • Vince Lombardi inspirational quotes
  • Breaking down how we can become so fatigued and brain tired even just sitting throughout the day at our desks because we don’t have strong breathing muscles.
  • The Fighter’s Mind: Inside the Mental Game by Sam Sheridan
  • Fully understanding the incredible anatomy of our strong breathing muscles and how to help strengthen them even further.

[58:00] Movements To Strengthen Your Breathing Muscles

  • Robert Yang
  • Breaking down why the diaphragm is so important for not just the mind but our digestion as well.
  • How your diaphragm impacts your stomach positively or negatively if you are a horizontal or vertical breather.
  • Specific stretches you can do to work your breathing muscles from the inside out after an inhale.
  • Jill Miller
  • Exploring how the breath can allow us to love more during our lifetime.
  • How the breath helps the entire body connect and in sync from the head to the heart to the gut.

Power Quotes From The Show

‘Letting yourself focus on deep inhales, really expand, and exhale well with each breath means you’re going to be able to connect better, let go, and forgive.’ – @DrBelisa Click To Tweet

How Poor Breathing Impacts Digestion, The Lower Back And Stress

“Our inability to inhale and expand comes from either muscular corsets or emotional corsets. If you’re bracing your mid-area because you’re stressed or think it’s good for your body or you’re guarding because you’re ashamed of your physical appearance, that’s actually going to negatively impact your digestion, lower back, plus you can’t even take a deep breath. I understand that inhaling and letting yourself expand can feel weird and vulnerable; however, once you exhale you’ll realize just how much muscle is there and how much stronger your core is and much better you feel when you actually inhale, expand, and exhale to contract and narrow your body.” – Dr. Belisa Vranich

Combating Physical and Mental Fatigue With Breathwork

“If you’ve been sitting at a computer and find yourself so exhausted at the end of the day but you don’t know why, that’s being brain tired because you haven’t been moving. You’ve been sitting for hours and probably not in a good posture and most likely not breathing well. You get energy from your breath because oxygen is self fuel and if you’re not breathing well while sitting, you’re going to get tired. Another kind of tired comes from your breathing muscles not being strong enough. You might have good cardio and be active but if your breathing muscles aren’t strong, just like any muscle in the body, you’re going to get fatigued faster.” – Dr. Belisa Vranich

Connecting, Letting Go And Forgiving With The Breath

“Letting yourself focus on deep inhales and expand with each breath means you’re going to be able to connect better. Being able to exhale and really do it well means you’re going to be able to let go of things and forgive. We all need to be more intuitive, more creative, more flexible, and more forgiving and the breath can give you that.” – Dr. Belisa Vranich

Links From Today’s Show 

About Dr. Belisa Vranich

Dr. Belisa Vranich: Breathing For WarriorsA clinical psychologist and a leading expert in mental health and fitness, Dr. Belisa Vranich is the author of Breathe: The Simple, Revolutionary 14-Day Program to Improve your Mental and Physical Health (St. Martin’s Press/Hay House). She is the founder of

Dr. Belisa is a regular guest on national television; e.g., CNN, Fox News, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and Inside Edition, and has been interviewed by Anderson Cooper, Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Bill O’Reilly, and Nancy Grace. Dr. Oz has recognized her as one of the top US doctors in her field. She has appeared as a guest on Cesar Millan’s show, Cesar 911, and has been a guest on podcasts with hosts Robb Wolfe, Ben Greenfield, Joey Diaz, and Dr. Mercola. In addition, Dr. Belisa has been interviewed as an expert in numerous publications, including Crain’s magazine, GQ, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Time Magazine, and Cosmopolitan.

Dr. Belisa has extensive experience working with first responders: firefighters, military and law enforcement for topics related to endurance, stress reduction, precision, pain reduction, and PTSD. A firm believer in the importance of giving back, she volunteers and supports numerous organizations related to veterans and animal rescue organizations in New York City and Los Angeles. Dr. Belisa is an outspoken advocate of organ donation and dedicated her first book to

Dr. Belisa’s Career

Dr. Belisa was the former Director of Breathing Science at The Ash Center for Comprehensive Medicine in New York City, and has served as an advisor for the Fitness Institute for Gold’s Gym. She was previously the Health and Sex Editor at Men’s Fitness Magazine, an expert for Men’s Health, and Shape magazine, an advice columnist for the New York Daily News, and She was the Director of Public Education at the Mental Health Association of NYC; taught at New York University, was a consultant at the National Mental Health Association in Washington, DC; director of an outpatient clinic at Jacobi Hospital Center, Bronx, NY; a school psychologist in the South Bronx; and part of the Brooklyn Aids Task Force supporting parolees and their families.

How to breathe | Belisa Vranich | TEDxManhattanBeach


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