July 20, 2020

12 Week Total Fat Annihilation Workout Plan

Resumen de entrenamiento

12 semanas
45-70 minutos

Barra, peso corporal, cables, pesas, barra EZ, máquinas

masculino y femenino

Descripción del entrenamiento

Abierto en frio.

A medida que se acerca el clima más cálido, las personas buscan ser arrancadas. Ahí es donde entra el personal de Muscle & Strength. Este es tu entrenamiento.

* dun * * dun *

Y si no entendió esa referencia de la Ley y el Orden, probablemente esté un poco confundido en este momento.

Está un poco anticuado, así que no te culpo (tampoco te culpo si te avergonzaste de leerlo).

However, it is a nice segue into what this workout is all about.

You want to lose fat. And this workout is an intense program that combines several different strategies into helping you maximize calorie expenditure over the next 12 weeks.

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Total Fat Annihilation Workout Overview

The following workout is an intense fat loss workout that utilizes somewhat advanced training techniques to increase the total amount of work you’re doing in a given workout.

These techniques will also ramp up the tempo of your workouts, which encourages an additional cardiovascular element.

The split itself incorporates one upper workout, one lower workout, and two full body workouts. The workouts are listed in the subheaders to come, however it is recommended to set up your week as follows:

  • Monday: Upper Workout (Workout 1)
  • Tuesday: Lower Workout (Workout 2)
  • Wednesday: 1 Hour Walk
  • Thursday: Full Body Workout (Workout 3)
  • Friday: 1 Hour Walk
  • Saturday: Full Body Workout (Workout 4)
  • Sunday: 1 Hour Walk

The techniques used in this workout to promote fat burning are called complexes and alternating sets. The complexes are circuit like sets and will be used on upper/lower days. The alternating sets are like supersets, but with 30-45 seconds of rest in between exercises, and will be prescribed on full body days.

On top of utilizing these strategies, you’ll also be performing loaded carries, a full body exercise, after training sessions as a form of cardio. Not to mention, we’ll be throwing in a couple of ab exercises to round out your workout and make sure you sport a nice midsection once the 12 weeks are over.

Lastly, it is also recommended that you perform 45-60 minutes of walking each morning or evening depending on when you weight train. This low impact cardio won’t affect your ability to recover and will increase you overall daily calorie expenditure to boost fat loss.

Fat Loss (Upper Body) Workout 1

Fat Loss (Lower Body) Workout 2

Fat Loss (Full Body) Workout 3

Fat Loss (Full Body) Workout 4

Additional Fat Loss Tips

Fat loss workouts are great, but they’ll only get you so far if you don’t pair it with an appropriate lifestyle.

That all starts with getting your diet in check. You’re going to need to know how many calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight. Utilizing a bmr calculator can be very helpful to figuring out this information.

From there, you’ll need to put yourself in a calorie deficit. And you’ll need to eat in a deficit consistently during the 8 weeks you perform this workout. A solid deficit to start off with is ~500 calories. Simply subtract 500 calories from the total you get using the bmr calculator.

Food quality is of extreme importance to maintain a level of satiety while in a calorie deficit. Ensure you are consuming the majority of your calories from whole food sources. These can include lean proteins, whole grains, oats, rice, vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy, nuts, and seeds.

Por último, asegúrese de dormir lo suficiente por la noche. Dormir lo suficiente ayudará a mejorar la toma de decisiones durante la fase de dieta y a mantener la intensidad alta en el gimnasio. Todos estos factores, cuando se combinan, también ayudarán a reducir el estrés, lo que también puede ser mortal en términos de esfuerzos para perder grasa.

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