July 27, 2020

22 Health and Fitness Tips for Women


¿Quién no quiere estar sano y en forma? Por supuesto, todos nosotros! Entonces, aquí hay algunos consejos de salud y estado físico sobre cómo mantenerse saludable y en forma. Un estilo de vida saludable comienza hoy, así que no sigas diciendo desde mañana y retrasándote. Siga leyendo e incorpore estos cambios en su estilo de vida diario, si aún no lo ha hecho.

22 consejos de salud y forma física para mujeres




1. Desayuno saludable:

Esta es la primera comida de su día después de un largo intervalo de ocho a diez horas, dependiendo de a qué hora cenó. Su desayuno siempre debe ser saludable, para mantenerse en forma y activo durante todo el día. Coma un desayuno nutritivo rico en vitaminas, fibra, proteínas, calcio, ácidos grasos omega y carbohidratos saludables.

2. Dieta equilibrada:

En el proceso de perder peso, a menudo terminamos cometiendo errores como comer demasiado poco, no hacer ejercicio según nuestro tipo de cuerpo y esperar resultados instantáneos. Es muy importante concentrarse en tener una dieta equilibrada que incluya todos los nutrientes esenciales, vitaminas, ácidos grasos omega, fibra, proteínas, carbohidratos saludables, calcio, esenciales para que nuestro cuerpo se mantenga saludable y en forma. ¡No comas en exceso, come menos pero es saludable!

3. Di no a la comida chatarra y procesada:

Sandwich de pescado frito y papas fritas con cerveza

Evite comer comida rápida y chatarra. Evite comer alimentos grasos poco saludables o fritos en aceite profundo. Evite las comidas y jugos procesados ​​y tetra envasados. Trate de comer comidas y meriendas orgánicas, naturales y caseras.

4. Meriendas Saludables:

Si tiene hambre entre comidas, coma frutas, jugos de frutas, nueces, ensaladas, etc. También puede comer semillas de girasol o linaza tostadas.

5. Sea selectivo en las cenas y fiestas:

It is easy to fall off the healthy eating track, when someone across the table or people around you are eating all those forbidden dishes and food. Put your foot down, don’t get influenced and make healthy choices. Have healthy snacks at home before you go out for such dinners and parties. So, your stomach is already full and you are not very hungry. Try keeping company with health conscious friends. When you are eating with a health conscious person, you are more likely to eat nutritious as well.




6. Say No to Unhealthy Carbs and Fats:

Mujer de negocios hermosa merienda en la calle.

Avoid intake of unhealthy carbs and fats. Instead opt for healthy fats and carbs which are nutritious and essential for the body metabolism.

7. Eat Meals at Fixed Time:

No matter how busy or preoccupied you are, maintain timings for all your meals. Depending on your routine schedule, keep fixed timings for all your meals. Breakfast should be taken between 6-00 am to 10-00 am, lunch between 12-00 noon to 3-00 pm and dinner 7-00 pm to 9-00 pm. Maintain food timings and this will keep you healthy and fit.

8. Heed Your Hunger:

Your body tells you when you’re hungry, pay heed! Eat when you are hungry. If it is not meal time, munch on healthy snacks. Eat in small portions, this will satisfy your hunger pang and not make you gain unnecessary weight. You can have fruits, salads, nuts or juices.

9. Keep your body hydrated:

Mujer joven, agua potable

It is very important to keep your body hydrated. Drinking water at regular intervals will help you avoid dehydration and keep you healthy and fit. You can also drink tender coconut water or water based fruit juices.

10. Maintain a Diary:

A balanced diet is very important for being healthy. If you are planning to lose weight, maintain a diet check. You can keep a track of your eating habits by maintaining a food diary. Now a days apps are available, whereby you can input the food intake and it will calculate your calories along with percentage of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Be accurate in noting the quantity. This will help you decide what to eat, how much to eat and what to avoid.

11. Focus on Body Fat Percentage:

If you are overweight and planning to lose some pounds, aim at losing only body fat. Your body is composed of three main components; fat, lean body mass (muscle, bone, organs), and water. The percentage vary from person to person, by gender and age. Men have more muscle, but women have more fat. As we age, we have less muscle mass.Body fat is a measurement of your body’s fat content compared to muscle, bones, organs and water. The ideal body fat percentage for women is between 20 and 30 percent depending upon age and height. If you exceed the same, your target should be to lose only body fat. So, instead of looking at your weight on a normal weighing scale, get a scale that calculates body fat percentage or you can use a handheld device.

12. Fitness Trainer:

Mujer joven haciendo ejercicios en la máquina de fitness

Fitness is a long and tedious process, especially for women who have to deal with weight loss. With a personal trainer guiding throughout the session, you are motivated to work out every day and also have an efficient session of burning calories. You can appoint a personal trainer or join a fitness center. Now a days you can follow fitness sessions on you tube, television shows or download audio fitness training apps.

13. Follow a Structured Exercise Pattern:

Design an exercise pattern, for your regular workouts. This will make exercising a fun activity rather than a boring task. You can start with walking and running to tone your body, to be followed with simple exercises. Find a partner or a friend to join you, rather than doing it alone. It is advised that women should exercise for at least three hours in a week to reach their fitness goal.

14. Find a Social Balance:

Women can gain motivation by working out with friends and thrive on the support of others when adopting a healthier lifestyle. Having a workout buddy or signing up for group exercise classes, adds a fun social element that can increase your adherence to an exercise program.




15. Yoga Classes:

Practicando yoga en la mañana

Yoga improves body flexibility, builds muscle strength and perfects your posture. There are several more health benefits of doing yoga. Join a class or practice at home.

16. Mind Over Muscle:

If you usually head to the gym after work, pay heed mental exhaustion can make you feel physically exhausted. In spite of all the body energy, mental fatigue blogs you done. Take a gap, mentally relax and then head to the gym.

17. Meditation:

Adding mediation to your daily fitness routine can be a crucial part of body transformation. Find five to ten minutes once or twice a day to focus on your breath. Breathing provides oxygen to your body and mind. Helps de-stress. This can help your body and brain de-stress, relax and recover from all your hard work at the gym, office or at home.

18. De-Stress:

Aeróbicos en el gimnasio

A busy day at work, things did not work out for you! Don’t fret, de-stress! Do breathing exercises, meditate, listen to soft soothing music, talk to a friend, go out for a walk, watch a movie or a laughter show, etc. Join laughter groups or make one of your own. Laughing not only de-stresses, but makes your lungs and jaw muscles strong.

19. Persuade Your Hobby:

However busy you are, do not forget to persuade your hobbies. Be it doing makeup, playing chess or tennis, dance or music, cooking, painting or sewing. If you do not have a hobby, form one. Do something that makes your inner self happy and makes your spend time with yourself. This keeps you happy and healthy. Giving importance to yourself, does not mean you are avoiding or neglecting others.

20. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol:

Avoid smoking and limit your alcohol intake. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is unhealthy and damages and weakens the body system. Smoking restricts blood circulation, which prevents your body from receiving adequate oxygen and nutrients. Alcohol dehydrates your body. Whenever you drink an alcoholic beverage, make it a point to drink plenty of water along with it.

21. Early To Rise:

Mujer asiática despertando en la mañana.  Brazos extendidos.

Intenta despertarte temprano, esto te dará tiempo para hacer ejercicio, entrenar por las mañanas o terminar algunas tareas en casa antes de ir a trabajar.

22. Temprano a la cama:

Evite las noches, duerma a horas fijas. Se cree que dormir de siete a nueve horas por noche durante cinco días seguidos no solo ayuda a evitar las bolsas debajo de los ojos, así como las alforjas en los muslos. Cuando las mujeres duermen lo suficiente, no necesitan ingerir calorías innecesarias para mantenerse despiertas.

¡Espero que los consejos anteriores sean útiles! Gracias por leer.

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