August 22, 2020


Your 20s are all about experimenting with edgy and bold that, tanning this and drinking that. But once you hit 30, it’s time to put on your big girl pants and stop cheating on your health. Here are 3 fitness tips all women should follow in their 30’s:

  1. 1. Be a proteinaceous enthusiast

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Now since you’ve entered 30’s you need to take care of yourself a bit more add more vitamins and calcium to your diet, subtract beef meat and non-veg (they cause a higher risk of heart disease) muscle and bones do need more attention as they start becoming weak there are many products available in the market to strengthen your bones and muscles.

Beans for Younger Skin: You’re cool with getting older—you’re smarter, wiser, and having tons of fun. What you’re not cool with are the tiny lines starting to show up on your face. Apart from your daily food intake include a cup of yoghurt, veggies, and nuts and a handful of those magic pills known as almonds will be a good diet.

  1. 2. Visit a physician and dentist regularly


We know there are many tasks that have to be done by you daily but a variety of problems that are “silent” like high blood pressure and high cholesterol need to be diagnosed as well.

Dental problems like bleeding gums, sensitivity is another issue in the 30’s. It’s a must to visit doctors at least once a month.

  1. 3. Avoid intoxication

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Although smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol is a trend these days, and many women do light up and drink, whether it’s to reduce stress or try to maintain weight. Although women are not as likely to smoke or drink like men, about 18 % of women ages 25 to 44 do


“The earlier you quit, the better your health.”

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