July 15, 2020

Exercise, Motivation and Appetite

There have been many times it feels as though my body is simply a means to transport around this invaluable processor I’ve got in my head, you know, the brain. It’s when I’ve taken this attitude for a period of weeks, and admittedly, months, that I find this to be incredibly untrue. It’s only when my body is in peak shape, and I’m taking care of it with exercise and proper nutrition, that my brain is in its optimal state, less entangled, and more focused.

With the many obligations of life, it can be difficult to muster up the energy and courage to go beyond these obligations. From the commute to the job, to the family, to sleep, much of our day is consumed by things we seemingly don’t have much of a say in. We need to get to our job, we need to work a full-time shift, we’ve got to take care of our families and their needs, and our body needs adequate time to rest and recover. In the camp of “things I should do but probably won’t” are exercise, eating healthy, and consuming useful media, to name a few. These three things are core to a healthy life and a happy one at that. When you’re exercising, motivated, and hungry for healthy and nutritious foods, you know that you’re on the right track.

For an object that sometimes feels like it needs to be dragged around, our bodies are incredibly intelligent. They have all kinds of sensors and alarms to let us know when things are going right, and when things are going wrong. The most basic of this principle is the old hand on the stove lesson. As a curious kid your mother would always tell you “don’t touch the stove, it’s hot,” though, for many rambunctious and growing children, they’ve got to learn the lesson for themselves, and they’ll learn, it’s hot. Now, as an adult, hopefully, your parents are still there to share their experience and help you on occasion, but being independent means that you’ve got to set your own alarms and heed your own advice. Now, we all know that the body needs exercise and nutrition to stay healthy, though only when we’re sedentary and eating poorly for some time will most of us get the alarm that, this isn’t doing us any good. Whether or not we heed the warning from our body, that’s up to us, but it’s there for us, similar to our mother’s warning, don’t touch the stove.

When exercise, motivation, and appetite are all operational we’re in the best place to tackle the challenges of life and tackle the new ones we create for ourselves. Discipline is also key to this equation, though it’s only with the initial push created by these three elements that we’re able to get into the habit of doing good things, and, in turn, being disciplined. Because let’s be honest, you can also be negatively disciplined as counter-intuitive as that may seem.

Our body and mind operate together contrary to many of the rules laid out by institutions. It’s by manifesting a healthy lifestyle through constant effort that we can find ourselves properly positioned for tomorrow.

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