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Timeline Photos35 Superfoods That Will Boost Your Testosterone Levels:
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The guy said it almost 2500 years ago ... See MoreSee Less

The guy said it almost 2500 years ago

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I just saw this a few posts down. Gotta work on more than glutes boss. 😂

He also said that the only thing he knew for certain, was that he knew nothing for certain.

Socrates view is equally applicable to women.


That Socrats sure did say a lot of dude!!

Damn right 💪🏋️‍♂️💪🏋️‍♂️

That goes forme too?


Socrates worked out? My ass!

Alen Filipovic

Emma Goldie

James Woodeson a bloke even older than me said this!

Amen to that!

Fynn Graß

Luke Hargreaves


Danny McCrory

Jacob Lynnwood

Rui M. Camacho would never know, his very lazy.

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Gurdeep Kankarwal

Mandie Cook

Ajemaa Hamza

MJ Jawad


Matthew Hassan Osman

Gavin Bracegirdle

Abhinav Goel

Rachel Quinn the holiday life 🙌😂

Cisco you jajaja

Arman Banisadr bé oui la viande a volonté du dimanche mon reuf

Tim Mansfield hey look its me

Maria Del Mar Medina Tali Kadoch Tammy Taboch

Pascal Rie wenn die Zeit nach der OP zur Massephase wird 😅😂

Johanna Steib ist so..🙄😫

Michael ich nach der Prüfung

Jos van Haaren Joost Ooms Maurice van BeestLuke Kleijnendorst ik

Marcus Sternberg ohhhh guck mal sissi 😁

incredible transformation 💪
Bodybuilding #bodybuilding #transformation
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incredible transformation 💪
Bodybuilding #bodybuilding #transformation

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Great work. My boyfriend is a self described "former fat kid" who lost a 100# right before we met. Now he is 6'4" 230# and training with me four days a week. As we end month 3 of post reopening training, the effects are really starting to show. He's going to be a brick wall in another year or two.


I wanna know how long the transformation took.

Porro... what an inspirational guy.. Great attitude..👌👍

There’s a guy at my gym who came in at 303lbs 5’11”. He wore out a couple treadmills his first year. Started weight training year two - had dropped 100 lbs from treadmilling himself silly. End of year 2 you wouldn’t know it was the same guy. We trained together a few times through year 3, 4 and 5. Looked like a semi pro bodybuilder 205lbs when the virus shut us down - all done with diet, exercise and time. No steroids. Not one.

Hard work! Well done.

Yes man,such a dedication.....

Keep going. Your doing great 🏅 🏆

Holy fuck.... that is incredible!

Respekt How many Years for this Transformation ??????

Respect man,keep going...👍

certo che se smetti di allenarti e cominci a mangiare sporco ....te sei la risposta😳👎

Those shorts look to be a different size....good job


WORK OUT HARDER. ❤❤❤❤❤💪💪💪💪💪


Wow .....that great

In my country the food is very expensive. So we have no choice. Govt and politicians fuck us every day😂. So we keep reducing weight but I train 4-5 days a week with 2 hr sessions!


Yes WE can


Rolou uma cirurgia aí

Mostafa A. Hassanايه رايك تعمل كده💪💪

Hats off to this true legend..

Beast mode

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Jean-Claude Van Damme fit at 59 💪🏽
#jeanclaudevandamme #bodybuilding
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Jean-Claude Van Damme fit at 59 💪🏽
#jeanclaudevandamme #bodybuilding

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He was never really a huge guy so if you stay ripped and lift weights here and there, then you will appear to be muscular out of default.

I won´t critize that errors that he was in his life. Everybody are humans , in a season of our lifes , we could get a mistake. This not minimize the respect for his athletic body, and is not forgottable as show it in his movies especially in 80´s and 90´s.

Très grand monsieur

He is not anymore the Greatest Legend that I remember when I was child after all that time he passed fighting with the drugs!!!

Pretty uncool to be so unpatriotic! How DARE he get his American Flag tattoo taken off! We need more patriots now more than ever!

Damn van Claude-Jean.

Still in good shape and has muscle definition on this triceps, biceps, deltiods, shoulders and trapezius at the age he is from i can see.

Super forma!

Paula Giovana Jean Claude Van Damme. This should be inspiration for both of us—he looks more cut now and he’s got to be around 60 or so. 😊

lost the tattoo?

More muscular in 1994 than 2019,why Mr.Jean?

Love this

He got punk’d by the green ranger.

Seems photo-shopped.

Guile will always ready to serve USA

You guys should show this to steven segal and ask what he thinks about it🤣🤣

Age is a number. Amazing

Happy to see that

Tiny old dude on hgh and testo

Must be eating his Brussels again

The new "Poster Boy" for steroids....

Age is just a number

John Sharp

Martin Lindedahl

It shows only one thing Years will past so your tats lol

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Arnold Schwarzenegger ... See MoreSee Less

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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He is my favorite king master in body building. I love him.

Met the man at east land mall signing his book in JCPenny

Awesome guy....but getting old just sucks

Loved him then, love him now. 💪🏽

Hope I look half as he is at his age

Le meilleur 💪

Still the man! 💪

He is my God in body building

"Fine chariot! But where are ze horses?"

Der beste und mein Idol 👍💪👍

Nothing a bubble gut.

Still on shape at old age O.G

Arnold you are the greatest💪

i will take 1975 over today


Still has the biceps 😀

Вообще не измерился💪💥💪!

the terminator still greath



Great idle

Still a beast

Sic transit gloria mundi!Hugs, Arnie 💪

1Hi, I bought this shirt. What do you think of it?

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Happy 73rd birthday to #arnoldschwarzenegger
Bodybuilding Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Happy 73rd birthday to #arnoldschwarzenegger
Bodybuilding Arnold Schwarzenegger

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I'm happy that I was born on same date like this legend! Best wishes Sir Arnold !

Happy birthday legend. Respect

Happy Blessed 73rd Birthday big man 💪🏾

Happy Birthday Sir

Happy birthday sir.

Happy birthday legend 🎂💐💐

HaPpY BiRtHdAy 🎈🎂🎁

Happy birthday. Arnold

Happy birthday Arnie

73. Incredible. His 80’s and 90’s movies are still so popular he just doesn’t seem that old to me but the time keeps ticking! Time flies.

Happy Birthday Legend!

Happy birthday !!!

Happy birthday

Happy birthday Sir

Happy Birthday Ahhhhnold

Happy birthday sirji

Happy birthday mate 🥳

Happy birthday 😎

Happy birthday my hero..

Happy birthday

Going strong 💪

Happy birthday

Жив и здрав💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Happy birthday Arny!

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Damñ 🔥 athlete, BODYBUILDER, motîvational to me Arnold Schwarzenegger sir ,trûee and biggest motîvated fan🙏🏻🌎👍🏻❤️

Garreth Barber what a boss

Simon Kay Nielsen og Jakob Sebastian Persson damn Lee køligt 😂

Patrick Baxter

Tolga Bozkurt

Ivan Boranic #legend

Mircea Balaj 💪💪

Good And I still would Never want too! And I wont do Steroids, so I'll make sure I don't ever look Like that! Im Big enough!

What do you think 🤨

#bodybuilding #COVID19 #lockdown #Social_Distancing #gym #workout #training
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What do you think 🤨#bodybuilding #covid19 #lockdown  #social_distancing #gym #workout #training

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I think I will continue to use my free weights at home for good.

Stupid. Just have staff be on the double with Sanitizing equipment and Encourage clients to clean/re-rack the equipment they use. Basic Gym etiquette.

This isn’t a regular commercial gym like LA Fitness or Gold’s. This is a solution a mom and pop gym did for their HIIT classes so they can actually get people in the doors. People in the comments getting mad like this is their gym lol

"Space the final frontier"

Wow crossfit is even worse now. Brace yourselves for the going outta business mega sale

I don't think this is healty. So happy have a home gym.

Home gym for sure!

We live in the stupidest time in history 😂

So happy I have my own gym .

I think the devil did it lastly...

We are losing our freedom. That's what's going on.

Wow that's weird. Somthing from a Sci-fi flick

This pods need to be sanitized every time someone use it

The smell as you enter a pod after someone’s sweaty session😂😂

glad Im not there

Welcome to Mars...

It's all bull shit!!!

what if you need a spot?

Ah, oui c'est pro

Nam kade 300 fees ayti adrag tadpatri nu barudilla pods door ulit

Good job!

Load A shite

Boy in the bubble.

Echt niet 😷😷😷😷🤒


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Iron Mike is back 🥊🥊🥊 ... See MoreSee Less

Iron Mike is back  🥊🥊🥊

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He's in great shape!! Wow!!

Can you imagine the amount of ears he must have eatin to get them gains?

Well, I guess Vegans can build muscles and be strong 😅💪🌱

Something never change


La mémoir musculaire,et ses belle morphologie reste toujours incroyable.

In only 34 years, Mike Tyson lost his belly button.

Why does he have a Che tattoo? Is that a trend or something?




Elbek Anvarovich Aliyev

A part les yeux éclatés par le cannabis sinon c’est pareil

Graham Cornes

Talha Raza


Wonder what dose?

You can not tell me that steroids do not effect the human body


Iron Top

Jagoan aku..

Machine 🏴‍☠️😎🍻



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Mike Tyson 1985 vs Mike Tyson 2020 (35 years)

Mike Tyson has got in great shape for his return to boxing. 👊👊

Join - Mike Tyson Fan Group
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Stop supporting his boxing comeback. He's going to injure his brain

I'm with everyone saying "Don't do it" He's seems to got his act together, he seems healthy mental and physically... don't step in the and get hurt

A legendary fighting machine.inspiring individual.

The best of the best 💪💪👊👊

"He's gonna get hurt" First off, it ain't like Mike is gonna fight dudes like Tyson Fury. He'll get some exhibitions in, make some money, then go back to smoking his weed and constantly talk about licking toads.

I think he can still knock out fighters half his age .. K.O machine 💪🏻

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind posting pictures of his physique. I just hope he doesn't come back to get his brain smashed

Yeah but has he stopped developing a taste for ears.😟

Here's his sponsor

The best of the best 💪

The man is a machine

Plz don't go back to boxing

Is that what i think that tattoo is ? Looks like he tried to get it removed

In IP Man 3 he was a tank

Steroids does wonders


Still awesome

That Mike Tyson on the left was Brutal

Badass! His chest even got bigger lol!

Rainer Geisendorfer

Thomas Feldborg Larsen

Go on Mike.


Power of tren 🤣

TRT does wonders

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Timeline Photos ... See MoreSee Less

... See MoreSee Less

... See MoreSee Less

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Love this

I Lpve to try that out

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this site. I am a plant based cardiologist in NY. I am passionate about healthy lifestyle. Check out my page. Dr. Dave's 411. (No gimmicks just good info)

Rey V Ortega

Check out my new book of poems about bodybuilding on Amazon Books:The Well of Simplicity: Poems About Bodybuilding by Almira

Awesome 🙂

Lifting weights could extend your life ... See MoreSee Less

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Linda Bellinger

Patricia Paredes

That metabolic activity in the muscle is likely mitochondria. The cellular powerhouse that runs our bodies. I guess the good news is that lost muscle can be regained.

Sabine De Natale-Klein 🏋🏼‍♂️💪🏼

Jamie Marrs lets pump some iron!! we should ask for a gym!!

Losing muscle (Sarcopenia) is also linked to other diseases, including bone loss and diabetes.

I love yoga more than lifting and have found that my muscles become accustomed to lifting pretty quickly, as opposed to with yoga - I think I have had about 3 days free if muscle aches in the last 3 months from doing yoga. My own body is plenty enough weight for me to lift 😁 What I'm saying is, find a way to work your body and retain that muscle that works for YOU, as long as you keep working! I just get too bored in a gym. I love the outdoors, so for me running, hiking, yoga, rock climbing and next year, surfing & scuba diving, works. If you find a way to exercise that you enjoy, you'll keep at it, so explore many options.


Kate Lidbury

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Is it fully peeled?

This trend drives me nutsss My family shops at Aldi pretty often and they recently expanded our local store. EVERYTHING comes wrapped in some sort of plastic now.

Cassandra Angelini-Vazquez

Oh my god

Think that you’re on a diet and have to eat just a half.It’s easy,you unpack just 1.

Anna Lena Kammler 😂😂😂😂

Jessy Kilmiss 🙈

Actually perfect for hiking.

It probably keeps longer.

The package costs more than the avocado, also I think it would take longer to open that package than to just cut the avocado in half.

Maybe because avocados can be eaten only between 7:16 and 11:44 on Tuesday morning if I buy a green one right now. This way it’s sealed and ideally has a larger window to consume it? Idk, never seen one like this.

I like the plastic taste and not needing to cut it open though it takes longer to unpackage

At least you know you don't have brown spots! Lol

How stupid..can not believe this...

Sven Buchholz

Michael Lee!!

As an aside, avocado does not go well in mashed potato! I thought it would make the mashed potato nice and smooth for my shepherds pie last night. It did not taste nice!


But my knife is broken

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Diet n Me : Diet Therapy updated their cover photo.
Diet n Me : Diet Therapy

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